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The Locksmith's Song

An old locksmith brings us back to when he was a boy. It was a time of adventure and challenge, when birds nested in old women's beards and young knights battled Ethor the great dragon. We follow the the young boy as he faces his greatest challenge yet! All he must do is unlock a door and walk through it. A simple task you might think, but behind this door his sick mother lies and try as he might, he cannot face her. Only when he realises that the key to this door is in his heart, does he overcome his fear and help his mother.              

This highly visual production takes on one of the great taboos of children's literature, that of illness and how we deal with it. Told through a mix of puppetry, dynamic physical theatre and storytelling this crafted piece of theatre has been described as "heartwarming" and "thought provoking".



A Beautiful and Heartwarming piece.”

The Arts Show, Near FM


An inventive, enjoyable show - we would highly recommend!”

Aoife Blood, Teacher at Citywest ETNS


A visual delight.
The Arts Blog.

This production is also available with a 1 hour puppetry workshop. During the workshop participants make their own puppets from recycled materials and are shown how to stage a very short piece.

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