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The Neighbours 

 On a dark, clear night as the whole town sleeps and all that can be heard is the hooting of owls, Cecil Goodwin wishes upon a shooting star. Out of the night, a cold wind blows, the owls fall silent. A light flickers on in the house next door, which supposed to be empty, "I didn't wish for a neighbour!" Cecil thinks... but it was too late, Justine has arrived.   

The Neighbours tells the story of Cecil and Justine, who find themselves in a heated debate after couple of misunderstandings. Things intensify but the speed at which they do is so unbelievable! Before long the two neighbours have set up camp and are engaged in a full-blown war. 

Bombs, shooting stars, magics, dynamites, parties and a friendship that is hidden under the dust. The Neighbours is a magical tale about friendship and war that will warm your heart. 


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