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Wildefolk creates visual theatre around puppets and people. The intention of the work is to tell stories and to bring the audience on a visceral journey. We are not interested in the intellect, we want to reach your heart. 


It is the place in between that fascinates us. The flicker between darkness and light, the uncertain moment between dreaming and reality, and the place where people and puppets meet. It is here in this wild place, fleeting and infinite in the same moment that we like to play. And it is here that we invite you to join us.


Eoin and Aysil met while studying at The Curious School of Puppetry and it was there that they realised the potential of puppetry and the influence that it would have on their individual practices as theatre makers. This is a journey that is just beginning but Wildefolk Theatre has already collaborated with some great artists and will continue to do so as its repertoire grows.

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