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Brush Boy

Once upon a time there was a little village where all the colours are banned by the king. In this village it was forbidden to talk about colours, think about colours, even dream about colours. Everyone who loved colours and protested the king were thrown in dungeon. People were scared and depressed. This was the town a little boy who had long, brush hair was born in. His mum named him Olie but everyone called him Brush Boy. While living in a colourless life and under pressure of the king, Olie met Daisy. Two friends started to discover the beauty of colours and secret of Olie's brush hair but the king wouldn't like this secret. 

Brush boy is a magical puppetry show about a little boy who learns to see his differences from another point of view. With puppets and set made from found objects, Brush Boy offers a magical visual performance through puppetry, music and storytelling. 

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